Tutorial, Tips, Tricks on making Photorealistic using “Cinema 4D” Software and “Corona Renderer.”

October 20, 2021
Tips on making Photorealistic using Cinema 4D and Corona Render | FrogModel

Corona Renderer has been created to make the visualization process easier and faster for artists and designers working in Cinema 4D to produce accurate work like house 3D model. To make it simpler to integrate the Corona Renderer into architectural or 3D car models-based processes, developers at Render Legion have created an interface and tools, particularly for Cinema 4D. 

Rather than using test renders, artists receive instant feedback to change geometry, lighting, camera placement, and materials. This reduces the time it takes to design a new look from scratch. The viewport, the Corona Virtual Frame Buffer (VFB), or the Cinema 4D Picture Viewer display changes in photorealistic fidelity. Team Render is compatible with Corona Renderer while working on distributed projects. 

Tutorial, Tips, Tricks on making Photorealistic using Cinema 4D Software and Corona Renderer | Frogmodel

Before, during, or after rendering, users can engage with the Interactive LightMix to modify the warmth, color, or brightness of Corona Lights or light-generating materials in a house 3D model, 3D car model or any other models. Changing the time of day or night may be done with just one render. 

In addition to Corona Lights and light-emitting objects also work with the Corona Sun and ambient illumination from the Corona Sky or HDRI pictures as an example when you want your 3D car model or house 3D model to look brighter in a sunny day just use the feature to do it with a click. With denoising enabled for all LightSelect passes, your final LightMix will be entirely denoised. You may apply it separately to each LightSelect pass. 

With Cinema 4D’s Corona Renderer, artists may develop, edit, and reuse shaders across channels or materials thanks to the Corona Node Material Editor. The Corona Node Material Editor may be used without creating new material. To work visually with existing resources, just put them in. Views may be used, for example, to classify your resources according to their type, quality, or other attributes. 

Tutorial, Tips, Tricks on making Photorealistic using Cinema 4D Software and Corona Renderer | Frogmodel

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